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IEMAI 3D Printing

Actual Case

  • 3D printing PEEK for clavicle replacement

    Using a high-temperature 3D printer magic-ht-l, they performed a 3d-printed collarbone replacement, the world's first replacement of the collarbone with a 3d-printed PEEK prosthetic.

  • Implantable study in biocompatibility of 3d printing peek material

    Research on the implantation of 3D printing PEEK material. Because PEEK material has similar biocompatibility and modulus with bone, HEC attaches great importance to the application of PEE material 3D printing in future medical implantation.

  • 3D print PEEK shoe mold under the limit condition

    The traditional mold for making sole needs to be used for a long time. Due to the environmental conditions of 180 ° c and 140BAR, PEEK material's excellent performance has created feasible conditions ..

  • Large quantities of 3D printed luminous Letter have been put into practical use

    Using 3D printing technology to produce luminous characters can gradually realize intelligent and automatic production, reduce personnel costs and avoid strict environmental protection inspection

  • 3D printing rehabilitation correction insoles

    The user in the example has been suffering from flat feet and internal and external pronation for a long time, and there has been no very good solution. Other customized solutions will incur very high costs. 3D printing technology not only completes the customization in a very short period, but also saves a large amount of costs for the user

  • College 3D printing medical innovation application laboratory

    jiangxi university of traditional Chinese medicine using a Wallace IEMAI 3D printers, MAGIC-L, MAGIC - HT - L, scanner SCAN -Sand PEEK, PLA, PC material, building college students' medical applications innovation platform

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